It’s our culture

At Clarkson Industrial, safety is not an accommodation. It’s part of our culture, woven into the fabric of who we are. It’s there when we begin the day, and the commitment to safety is part of everything we do.

From the OSHA rules and guidelines to Job Safety Analysis (JSA) to monthly tool inspections, we take every step possible to identify and account for all risks and hazards in the field. We also have every new employee complete a safety training course and implement on-the-job training.

On top of that, Clarkson’s full-time safety director is tasked with educating our workforce and ensuring best safety practices. Besides making weekly safety presentations to management, he performs jobsite safety inspections and has total authority to keep Clarkson in complete safety compliance.

The millwright industry is sometimes a dangerous one, and Clarkson makes safety a priority, not only for the wellbeing of our employees, but also for the benefit of our each customer. All it takes is one mishap or injury to cause a project to go badly off course.

Clarkson’s refusal to cut corners and complete commitment to safety is just one more way we help you stay on time, on task, on budget.